Building on a long history of excellence

Rousselot began specializing in gelatin as early as 1891. Building on over 120 years of experience and success, our customer can benefit from the outstanding technical and scientific expertise of our staff, allow us to continuously (co-)develop innovative products with customers serving changing global markets. With an unshakable commitment to quality, safety and sustainability, we aim higher – and reach further – together with our customers.

Our markets


Aging populations and increasing health awareness in many countries of the world are resulting in a growing need for pharmaceutical components in which the protective and performance-enhancing role of gelatin is much-needed.  As the leading provider of gelatin to the global pharma market, we offer excellent, consistent products, with a focus on quality, service and outstanding customer support. We are committed to working closely with our customers, enabling you to achieve your goals and succeed in developing new products and business.


Growing population and rising consumer expectations regarding food based on natural, healthy ingredients are fueling innovation in this sector. With new shapes, flavors and blends, producers are exploring and creating many new opportunities. Our multifunctional ingredients from natural origin, combined with our technical knowledge, make formulation and innovation easier across all food segments. At Rousselot, we are eager to support your success with world-class products and services.


Senior citizens are not the only ones with a keen interest in healthy aging and youthful looks. Awareness of health and beauty – and of the vital role nutrition plays in these areas – is spreading among consumers of all ages, all over the world. We offer the natural ingredients manufacturers need for protein enrichment, reformulation and scientifically proven health benefits – along with a complete array of services. Together with our customers, we create high-quality, convenient and healthy nutritional concepts in response to the growing health and wellness aspirations of people today.