Our mission: Advancing (bio)medical research and (the development of) clinical therapies

Our mission at Rousselot Biomedical is to provide best-in-class collagens and gelatins biomaterials and leading advice and support to the (bio)medical industry. Our innovations, products and services aim at facilitating research and clinical developments by providing an excellent functionality and safety profile. Supporting our customers with a unique expertise we are committed to advancing medical science.

125+ years of experience

Rousselot® Biomedical is the youngest strategic segment within Rousselot, the world leader in collagen-based solutions for diverse markets. Drawing on Rousselot’s 125+ years of experience and its proven track record in pharmaceutical gelatins and collagens, Rousselot Biomedical has developed X-Pure®, an innovative range of purified gelatins and collagens specifically designed for (bio)medical applications and backed by solid scientific data and on-going research. At Rousselot BioMedical, we are committed to facilitating the use of X-Pure in your applications.

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