Taking 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering a step further

Tissue engineering and bioprinting are receiving significant attention and investment. No wonder, considering the prospects of creating customized organs-on-a-chip for drug and cosmetics development, or of printing cell-laden scaffolds for human tissue engineering (Derakhshanfar, et al., 2018). Due to its ultra-purity, X-Pure® takes these exciting developments a step further. These scaffolds offer a large range of mechanical properties and are suitable for many tissue engineering applications (Malda, et al., 2013), including new bone formation (Visser, et al., 2015

Reducing the risk of rejection with X-Pure

Such scaffolds can additionally be engineered for controlled release of a variety of biomolecules (Nikkhah, et al., 2016). In such applications it is important to minimize the risk that the new bioengineered tissue gets rejected via the immune system. With X-Pure, it is possible to produce 3D printed biomaterials with a minimized/minimal risk of an adverse immune reaction.

Additional physical properties

In all of these applications, X-pure gelatins and collagens offer attractive physical properties, such as:

  • Adjustable gel strength
  • Melting characteristics
  • High biocompatibility and biodegradability

3D printing of gelatin

Find out how X-Pure is contributing to parenteral formulation and hemostatics

Interested to know more?

Read our Scientific poster on the ‘Influence of autoclave sterilization of gelatin on physical properties and endotoxin level and the influence of endotoxin level on endothelial cellular activity’

In a recent poster (Vanhoecke and Olijve, 2018), the influence of autoclave sterilization of gelatin and endotoxin levels on endothelial cellular activity was evaluated. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of autoclave sterilization of gelatin on physical properties and on endotoxin levels. Additionally, the influence of endotoxins on cellular viability of an endotoxin-sensitive endothelial cell line was evaluated.