Implantable membranes require biocompatible, bio-absorbable, and high-purity materials

Implantable fibrous membranes such as resorbable membranes, can act as scaffolds, supporting tissue following trauma or surgical procedures. These applications require highly biocompatible and bio-absorbable materials. Implantable membranes, woven or non-woven, can be prepared from gelatin, among other options, using electrospinning to provide a favorable cell growth scaffold. However, the presence of endotoxins in gelatins pose negatively impacts safety in this application.

Residual endotoxins, a common cause of complications in surgical applications

Residual endotoxins are a common cause of complications in surgical applications. In the United States alone, 40,000 out of 500,000 annual arthroplasties require revisions due to aseptic loosening – a problem often associated with the presence of endotoxins (Goveia, et al., 2016).

Improving implantable membrane safety with X-Pure®

X-Pure’s low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens provide the highest possible purity and safety profile and can therefore significantly improve safety in the field of implantable membranes.

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