Years of research lead to exciting steps forward

Rousselot Biomedical’s X-Pure® range is the result of years of in-depth research and development. Further complementing Rousselot's comprehensive range of gelatin and collagen-based solutions, it represents an exciting step forward (bio)medical research ensuring the highest safety standards.

X-Pure’s patented technology

The multistage manufacturing process behind X-Pure – a patented technology – includes purification, filtering and drying steps, performed under controlled clean room conditions and through a validated process. The end-product is tested to ensure maximum quality and safety.

The breakdown of gelatin

Gelatin and collagen have a long history as trusted excipients in the pharmaceutical industry, offering great versatility, while meeting the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. Gelatin is formed by the partial hydrolysis of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body and the most prevalent macromolecule of the extracellular matrix. Gelatins and collagens used in the pharma industry are produced in the same way as gelatin for food applications: through the breakdown of collagen into Type A (acid process) or Type B (lime process) gelatin. The resulting product is suitable for a broad range of applications.

Further hydrolysis yields hydrolyzed collagen/gelatin

Due to a more extensive deamination of asparagine and glutamine in Type B gelatin, the isoelectric point (IEP) of Type B gelatin is lower than that of Type A gelatin: the IEP of Type A is 7.0-9.0, while that of Type B is 4.9-5.1. Further hydrolyzation yields so-called ‘hydrolyzed collagen/gelatin’. The resulting hydrolyzed molecules, or peptides, have different characteristics. They are no longer able to form a gel, but their unique stabilizing properties do remain in place, with limited impact on viscosity.

Working with an extensive network of research partners

Xedev & Rousselot Biomedical proudly work together on X-Pure GelMA process development

By working with Xedev, Rousselot relies on a professional team having a strong understanding and scale-up knowledge on spray-drying processing that helps us to further develop our X-Pure range and fasten our response to the research and medical communities.

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