Growing protein intake offers great business opportunities

The protein market is growing worldwide, as more and consumers are actively increasing their intake of protein-rich foods. With ProTake, you have an easy-to-use, no-compromise protein and clean label ingredient from a trusted supplier that will help you tap into the unstoppable protein trend.


随着越来越多的消费者主动增加富含蛋白质食品的摄入量,蛋白质消费在世界范围内不断增长。 ProTake是值得信赖的蛋白质来源,为您提供易用、优质蛋白质,帮助您在不可阻挡的蛋白质潮流中分一杯羹。

  • 老年用户正在增加其蛋白质摄入量,来防止肌肉松弛 
  • 在专业和休闲运动中,蛋白质加强恢复的功能已经深得人心 
  • 营养师鼓励摄入蛋白质,作为增加饱腹感效果的一种手段


Please check with your Rousselot sales representative if Protake is available in your country.