Complete your product brand story with an ingredient brand consumers believe in

Can an ingredients brand help you shape the brand story of your finished product in a way that resonates with consumers? In this blog post, we look at the case of a collagen peptides brand that shows it can – and why it makes a lot of sense for nutrition manufacturers to make use of strong ingredients branding.

In nutrition, ingredients are playing a growing role in product branding and consumer acceptance. As we move into the era of personalized nutrition, consumers are more knowledgeable than ever when it comes to the supplements, foods and beverages they take for boosting their health – and the ingredients making the difference. This creates excellent opportunities for manufacturers to strengthen their product brand story with strong ingredients branding. 

To consumers, nutrition is about much more than physiology

On top of that, today’s consumers want nutrition products that will not just satisfy their physiological needs, but will also allow them to express individuality and ideology.1 In response to this trend, many brands are identifying and segmenting their target audiences on the basis of demographics and psychographics. This enables them to present a brand story that is compelling enough for their audiences to share with their communities.2 Here, too, branded ingredients can be a valuable asset, as consumer acceptance of the ingredients you use as a manufacturer is an important factor in developing new products and brands.3

Peptan collagen peptides, an example of an ingredient with brand value 

As a manufacturer, you can tap into the brand value of an ingredient by asking yourself questions like these:

  • Are the consumers I am targeting with this product aware of – and interested in – specific ingredients of this product?
  • Are there trends or changing demographics that are stimulating demand for this ingredient? 

Peptan’s collagen peptides are a great example of a branded ingredient adding substantial value to product branding. Traditionally used to enhance skin beauty, collagen peptides are now gaining a key role in other markets, such as joint and bone health. Driven by the aging of populations, the blurring of lines between different sports nutrition user groups and increasing scientific evidence for collagen peptides’ joint and health benefits, more and more consumers are recognizing collagen peptides as a vital means of improving, or maintain, their mobility. In order to benefit, these consumers look for collagen peptides with a strong brand reputation. For Peptan, this branding includes solid science and transparency, for instance, about source and origin, full traceability or clean labelling – characteristics that top consumer priority lists. As a result, Peptan plays an important role in helping many manufacturers around the world to communicate the credibility and authenticity of their finished products. 

The nutrition market is rich with opportunity

Numerous trends are creating exciting opportunities in the global nutrition market. For example, the busy lifestyles of consumers are boosting demand for convenient food offerings, with ready to eat and ready to drink concepts ranking high on consumer shopping lists. Also, consumers are taking smaller meals and/or snacking more frequently in order to fuel longer work days.4 At the same time, the growing health and wellness trend means these consumers are not willing to compromise their nutrition over their busy schedules. 

In this opportunity-rich market, a branded ingredient with multiple proven health benefits can spell the difference between the success or failure of a nutrition concept. In the case of Peptan, the brand does not only offer health benefits, it also offers key functionalities, enabling manufacturers to formulate great products that consumers can easily integrate in their everyday diets. Also, the Peptan brand offers manufacturers formulation expertise and co-innovation support aimed at the development of nutrition products tailored to specific audiences.5

Consumers are open to having relationships with brands

Today’s consumers are open to having relationships with brands that share their values and fit into their lifestyles. A strong ingredient brand can add to and complete your overall brand story. It can give your finished product that extra strength it needs to grow and to create sharable content that engages with the customer journey of your buyers.



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