Peptan® IIm: a powerful multi-benefit bioactive ingredient for joint health

Peptan IIm is a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix of natural source with multiple joint health benefits. Alongside hydrolyzed type II collagen, Peptan IIm naturally contains Glycosaminoglycan matrix components (GAG’s). Scientific studies have demonstrated that the powerful ingredient helps promote the maintenance of healthy cartilage, and improve joint movement by providing cushioning and lubrication. It also reduces the effects of inflammation at a low daily dosage. 

Launched under the renowned Peptan brand, Peptan IIm is water soluble and effective at low dosage – perfect for a wide variety of nutraceutical applications such as tablets, capsules, powdered mixtures, liquid shots and even fortified gummies. To find out more about Peptan IIm’s potential and its scientific foundations, visitors are invited to attend the seminar presented by Lisette Van Lith, Global Director Peptan: Peptan IIm: A powerful multifunctional bioactive ingredient for joint health’ taking place on Wednesday 22 August at 15:10. 

Exclusive results from new skin beauty study with Peptan B

At FiSA, Rousselot will be unveiling the results of a new clinical study of one of its bestselling Peptan collagen peptides - Peptan B. Conducted on 60 Brazilian women supplemented with 5g of Peptan or Placebo per day, the study showed a clear benefit on skin beauty parameters and hair strength after 90 days, confirming previous studies. Increasing number of consumers are looking for proven methods to boost their personal beauty, Peptan B can help manufacturers in the health and wellness industry to create on-trend products supported by scientific research. 

Rousselot gelatin: a broad portfolio of advanced solutions for the nutraceutical market

At Rousselot’s booth, visitors will have the opportunity to sample not only a variety of prototypes featuring Peptan’s bioactive ingredients but also advanced clean label gelatin solutions. This will include gummies made with the latest gelatin-based SiMoGel solution, which enables to manufacture confectionery without starch depositing, making it the ideal solution for fortified gummies where highly hygienic production conditions are key.  With SiMoGel, manufacturers can offer functional gummies with the perfect texture and tap into the fast-growing segment of gummy supplements in health and wellness markets. 

To find out more about Rousselot’s wide range of innovative ingredients visit booth 5-91 at FISA or visit: and