Peptan  is backed by scientific evidence. We have published results from clinical studies showing the benefits of Peptan for skin beautyjoint health, recovery from exercise as well as mechanistic data that explain how Peptan conveys those effects at a cellular level. Furthermore our comprehensive data from preclinical studies demonstrates that Peptan helps to maintain healthy bones. Thus, Peptan is a unique collagen peptide offering a holistic solution to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system and the skin. Our scientific team continuously works to extend the available science and to explore new health areas for collagen products. The recently launched Peptan IIm, hydrolyzed type II collagen matrix's joint health benefits on a lower dosage is also backed by solid scientific evidence. Next to Peptan's strong scientific evidence, Peptan is a globally recognized collagen peptide brand, our customers also enjoy from our technical, formulation and marketing support.