Join us on the collagen journey, register to our educational webinar (Rousselot China)

Collagen is one of today's hottest nutrition topics, whether it is used to support joint health or beauty from within, consumers all over the world are taking collagen to boost their health and wellness. In order to give our customers and consumers a go-to gateway on receiving reliable information on collagen and its science behind, in China we are launching a series of live webinars from March to educate the market about collagen. 

The topics of this live broadcast includes a range of topics including collagen peptides for nutricosmetics, sports nutrition, but also as excipient for soft capsules (gelatin). Viewers can expect to gain an insight into the role of collagen in funtional foods and beverages and dietary supplement and its science behind. 

Curious? Watch the teaser below to have a sneak preview on what we have covered and are about reveal in the upcoming months. 

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