Our mission: enabling food, pharma and tech to meet global demands

Rousselot® Functional Ingredients is one of three strategic segments within Rousselot, the world’s leading brand for collagen-based solutions*. Our mission at Rousselot Functional Ingredients is to serve food, pharmaceutical and technical industries worldwide with safe, high-quality gelatins that will improve end-products.

* Global Industry Analysts, Inc, Gelatin a Global Strategic Business report, June 2018

Building on 125+ years of expertise

Drawing on Rousselot’s 125+ years of experience and its proven track record in pharmaceutical gelatins and collagens, Rousselot Functional Ingredients offers an extensive portfolio of world-class gelatins manufactured through state-of-the-art operations with an unwavering commitment to quality, safety and sustainability.

Customers at the heart of our business

As the world’s leading producers of gelatins and collagen peptides, we at Rousselot serve markets in every corner of the world. We work together with our customers to help them put our gelatins to the best possible use, optimize their processes and reach their objectives – reaching further together. Watch our customer testimonials below to learn more about this from our customer’s perspective.


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The difference is clear

At Rousselot we are clear and transparent about our solutions and services and the benefits they bring. Our products are designed by nature and are sustainable by definition. They come from animal-sourced bio-nutrients that are repurposed into value-added ingredients and they answer consumers’ needs in terms of sustainability.

A food ingredient with no e-numbers, gelatin is highly versatile, and it is often used to replace several mono-functional hydrocolloids in a single application. No other ingredient exhibits as many functionalities as gelatin, which makes it an unrivalled asset to formulation design and to shorter ingredient lists with a clear labelling.

The Rousselot Functional Ingredients segment offers an extensive and unmatched portfolio of world-class gelatins, manufactured through state of the art operations. All our products meet the highest global quality and safety standards.

That’s why our customers choose to partner with us. With Rousselot, the difference is clear.