Fining consists of incorporating a substance into the cloudy wine that is capable of flocculation and sedimentation of the suspended particles by entrainment: it does this in such a way that the wine becomes clear. No trace of the fining agent remains in the wine.

An excellent fining agent for wines and apple juices

Gelatin has been used for the clarification or fining of wine at least since the Roman civilization (Ringland 1983) and it is still used today as it is highly efficient and of natural origin.

The gelatins provided by Rousselot Functional Ingredients are an excellent fining agent of natural origin for wines and apple juices.

Red wine, beer, apple juice

Our gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin products are particularly suited for red wine, beer and apple juice clarification. They reduce turbidity and decrease the astringency of final beverages – without negatively impacting suitable flavor components. No traces of gelatin remain in the finished drink.