Delight consumers with the best of confectionery

Confectionery products give consumers of all ages pleasure, fun and enjoyment. And Rousselot Functional Ingredients is eager to help you make your confectionery products successful.

Confectionery is all about organoleptic perception, indulgence, texture and flavor release. With our highly versatile ingredients, backed by our in-depth technical and formulation expertise, you can achieve the results you want: elastic, hard, chewy – you name it, we can help you create it. Just play with gel strength or viscosity, gelatin type or concentration, and discover the exciting options.

An inescapable ingredient for the confectionery industry

Gelatin has been used in the food industry for hundreds of years. Today, it is an inescapable ingredient for achieving the perfect texture in a range of confectionery and other food products. Its thermo-reversibility is unique and essential in a vast range of confectionery applications. Its popularity is also attributable to its gelling, foaming, stabilizing, texturizing, binding and emulsifying functionalities. Gelatin is water-soluble, totally digestible and compatible with most other hydrocolloids, including vegetable colloids such as agar-agar, alginates, carrageenans and pectins, as well as sugars, corn syrups, edible acids and flavors – all popular in confectionery.

Check gelatins 9 key functionalities and its properties and benefits

The lightest, tastiest marshmallows

The foaming, stabilizing and gelling functionalities of our gelatins make them the perfect solution for light, tasty marshmallows.

  • Soft, light, foamy texture
  • Perfect flavor release
  • Excellent stability

Limitless innovation opportunities

With Rousselot Functional Ingredients you have access to many fun opportunities for marshmallow innovation.

  • Acid flavors, such as lemon, grapefruit or cola
  • New flavors, such as mint
  • Low-sugar marshmallows
  • Savory marshmallows, for instance, peanut, cheese or paprika
  • New textures, such as coated marshmallows, or ‘Mar-Shell-ows’

Chewable, tasty toffees and chew candies

At Rousselot Functional Ingredients we offer the perfect solutions for making chewable toffees with long-lasting taste. The foaming, stabilizing, texturizing and emulsifying functionalities of our gelatins make them an excellent solution for this segment.

  • Achieve the chewability and texture you want, from soft to hard, and from very chewy to less chewy
  • Perfect flavor release
  • Improved fat dispersion and stabilization, with more controlled crystallization
  • Stable product shaping

Limitless innovation opportunities

With gelatin, there are many fun opportunities for toffee and chew candy innovation, such as clean label products.

Overcoming manufacturing challenges with SiMoGel™

While it has been largely adopted by traditional confectionery manufacturers, gelatin is still relatively unexplored in the fortified confectionery industry, as it may pose additional manufacturing challenges in terms of purity and cross-contamination.

New in Rousselot’s portfolio, SiMoGel is an innovative gelatin-based solution that has been specifically designed for starchless depositing. SiMoGel avoids the risk of cross-contamination of actives and help manufacturers develop high-quality, functional gummies. From a production perspective, it enables to increase productivity and reduce costs, as SiMoGel gelatin-based gummies would only need a few minutes to dry compared to the traditional 24 hours needed in conventional confectionery.