Great looks, excellent flavor, irresistible mouthfeel

Creating dairy foods and beverages that offer consumers the kind of looks, flavor and texture they will keep coming back for is the fundamental aim of dairy manufacturers around the world. Our gelatins and collagens help to reach this goal as they offer key advantages in a variety of dairy applications. They help prevent syneresis, improve foaming and stabilize the aerated structure. A minor addition of gelatin will provide that soft, creamy texture dairy lovers cannot resist.

With gelatin, you can make dairy trendier than it already is

With dairy consumption growing worldwide, our gelatins enable you to seize the opportunity by using gelatin as a reliable means of reducing fat and sugar content, while enhancing looks, flavor and texture. On top of that, gelatin – a pure protein of natural content – is a great ally in the ‘protein push’.

  • Mousses
    In mousse products, our gelatins and collagens can add value with their foaming, stabilizing and water-binding properties.
  • Quark
    Your quark products in particular will benefit from gelatin’s water-binding and texturizing properties. Our ingredients also help prevent syneresis and improve stability.
  • Dessert creams
    Gelatin in dessert creams has a strong texturizing and water-binding effect, creating a perfect mouthfeel and stability over time.
  • Creamy yogurts with an improved shelf life
    We have the ideal ingredients for providing your yogurt products with a bright appearance and a smooth, firm, consistent texture. Our gelatins are widely used in yogurts, because of their excellent texturizing, binding, stabilizing and foaming properties.
  • Ice creams and water ices
    You can add value to your ice creams and water ices by using gelatin’s stabilizing and foaming properties to create the perfect structure and mouthfeel. Gelatins also prevent the formation of ice crystals during prolonged storage. Used in association with other stabilizing agents, gelatin can give your finished product a remarkably slow melting rate and a characteristic texture.