Gelatins and collagens, a natural complement to meat-based products

Rousselot Functional Ingredients offers premium gelatins and collagens that are pure animal proteins and can be used as a natural complement to meat-based products. Their binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and gelling properties make them ideal ingredients for diverse meat, fish and aspic products.

Suitable for many meat applications

Gelatin and collagen are high-quality proteins suitable for many meat applications.

  • Cooked pressed ham and cooked shoulder
  • Meat emulsions
  • Ham (hydrolyzed gelatin)
  • Canned meat products

Access to our sister brands

Teaming up with Rousselot Functional Ingredients means you also benefit from synergies with other Darling Ingredients brands, such as Sonac, a global provider of natural, sustainable fats, proteins, minerals and specialty ingredients for application in various kinds of food, or CTH, a trusted provider of natural casings and choice meat by-products.