Gelatin specialties

At Rousselot, we continuously strive for new and improved customer formulations, either by customer request or for our own development. Product innovations are focused on improved formulations, more efficient and sustainable production processes or opening up new applications for traditional manufacturers. Read more about our most recent product innovations below.


Opening up new markets in nutraceutical gummies, reducing gummy setting time

The use of starch moguls has been common practice with traditional gummy producers. Our new SiMoGel solution allows for a starch-free production process. It is ideal for nutraceutical gummies where a highly hygienic production environment is needed to avoid nutrient cross-contamination through starch between the production batches. Also available for sugar-free formulations. SiMoGel also significantly reduces setting time to less than 15 minutes.


Improved efficacy of soft gels

Some active ingredient fills can interact with the soft gel, called cross-linking, which can lead to reduced stability of the soft capsule. Our StabiCaps solution is designed to prevent cross-linking, therefore improving shell stability and protection of the active ingredients.


Replacing e-numbers in food formulations

In food applications where emulsification is key, the use of e-numbers is often common practice to get a stable emulsion. With EmulsiGel, you can eliminate the use of e-numbers in your formulation, while maintaining the perfect emulsion for your product.