Innovating and (co-)developing exciting new applications

In addition to the many existing pharmaceutical gelatin and collagen applications, many exciting new ones are emerging. Our strong R&D teams, which builds on our many decades of experience in gelatin and collagen-based solutions, make us the perfect partner for (co-)developing new solutions.

  • Plasma volume replacers
    Our high-quality gelatins offer excellent starting material for blood plasma replacer used to expand the circulating blood volume of patients in emergency situations. Our gelatins meet the most stringent requirements in this important field.
  • Colostomy bag
    Used in association with other polymers, such as CMC or pectin, our gelatins form an adhesive ring with which colostomy bags can be fixed in order to absorb residual moisture from the skin.
  • Low-endotoxin gelatins for (bio)medical applications
    The high-purity gelatins and collagens developed at Rousselot (Bio)Medical under the brand name X-Pure® build on our continuous investments in science, research and development. X-Pure’s low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens are the perfect solution for applications requiring intensely purified biomaterials, such as hemostatic products, parenteral formulations (including vaccines) and regenerative medicine.
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