Gelatin Properties

Compatibility with human tissue

Gelatin is a food product (no e-number) of natural origin. It is an easily digestible, pure protein providing consumers with eight of the nine essential amino acids needed by the human body.

Melting at body temperature

Gelatin melts at around body temperature. The result is an excellent mouthfeel as well as intensive flavor release. These properties makes gelatin perfect for gummies and marshmallows, but also for pharma capsules.

Natural protein

Gelatin is a food ingredient from a natural origin. It is easily recognized by the consumer and gelatin is the perfect clean label ingredient: Gelatin is a pure protein and it has no e-number. Gelatin is also non-allergenic, cholesterol free, purine-free and fat-free . Gelatin is a totally digestible protein.


What really makes gelatin unique in terms of functionalities is its thermo-reversible gelling power. A gelatin-based formulation gels when cooled and liquefies when subsequently heated. This transformation occurs rapidly and can be repeated without significant changes in characteristics.


When gelatin is hydrated it forms a flavorless and transparent gel or a flexible film. Thanks to gelatin, water jellies and gelatin desserts are elastic, soft, bright and transparent.

Whatever your application, we have developed the expertise to select the right gelatin to serve your purposes.