Rousselot Health & Nutrition

The success of Rousselot Health & Nutrition rests on our firm and long-standing belief in science, innovation & transparency

Best-in-class, science-backed ingredients 

Our customers can rely on best-in-class ingredients, backed by trusted science as well as on our full, global support in formulation, product development and regulatory advice.

Innovating to meet a growing and evolving demand

Building on many years of experience and market-leading expertise, we are committed to developing innovative ingredients that answer today’s growing demand for health and nutrition solutions. Innovation is embedded in our strategy, our facilities, and our attitude. Across the organization, we consider bringing innovation closer to our customers will help us reach further together.

Contributing sustainably to people’s health worldwide

Our mission at Rousselot Health & Nutrition is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of public health worldwide with safe, reliable and effective health & nutrition solutions of natural origin. We value transparent relationships with our customers, based on trusted science, and open communication.

“Our diverse solutions together offer a world of health benefits”


Collagen peptides for healthy aging, joint & bone health, beauty, and sports nutrition backed by science

Peptan® IIm

Hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix supporting multiple joint health benefits at a low daily dosage


Clean label protein enrichment ingredient for food and beverages and supplements

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