Collagen-based health & nutrition solutions

Our aim at Rousselot Health & Nutrition is to improve consumer health and meet their nutritional needs.

Our collagen peptide brand, Peptan® is world’s leader in its segment. Peptan IIm, our solution for promoting healthy joints, offers new opportunities for manufacturers operating on this segment. With ProTake™, we have helped many of our customers develop successful protein-enriched or reformulated products.

Many years of rigorous science

Rigorous science is the secret behind our success in health & nutrition solutions for Peptan and Peptan IIm. Our products come with proven health benefits in the four key areas: healthy aging, joint and bone health, beauty from within, and sports nutrition. These benefits are backed by many years of in-house research at Rousselot Expertise Center as well as collaboration with renowned universities and research institutes around the world. 

Equipped and eager to serve you

Our experts in the field and at our R&D and Application Laboratories are equipped to advise you on all aspects of formulating dietary supplements, functional beverages and functional foods – and bringing them successfully to the market. We proactively and transparently communicate on the science behind our products and can also help you educate consumers about the unique health benefits our ingredients offer. The Rousselot Health & Nutrition team is committed to assisting you in creating attractive product concepts that will perfectly meet consumer demands.  

A leading global manufacturer and a reliable partner

Peptan is produced and marketed by Rousselot, also a Darling Ingredients brand. Rousselot is the leading global manufacturer of collagen-based solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries. Our firm stands as an undisputed mark of competence and know-how in the production and application of safe, healthy gelatins, and collagen solutions. Our ingredients can make your products healthier and more attractive – in a safe, natural and responsible way.

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