Ensuring excellent organoleptic properties

Consumers today expect the health and nutrition solutions offered them to bring real, noticeable benefits to their mobility, health and general fitness. But that is not all. They also expect these solutions to look, taste and smell neutral. At Rousselot Health & Nutrition, we understand that and we make sure all of our products combine nutritional value with an outstanding experience for the senses.

A full Sensory Lab to satisfy consumers 

In our Sensory Lab, we have everything we need to ensure that all Rousselot Health & Nutrition products come with excellent organoleptic properties – those aspects that consumers experience with their senses, including looks, odor, flavor and mouthfeel. Along with science-backed health benefits, we consider it a top priority to deliver products that please the senses. The Rousselot Sensory Lab sets to be a best-in-class facility in the food and nutrition industry.

Strict protocols and a Sensory Panel

When it comes to quality consistency, our collagen peptides brand, Peptan, is a point in case. We implement strict R&D and quality procedures to ensure that Peptan powder is neutral to the senses, resulting in consumer products that taste great. We do this at two levels:

  • Our manufacturing expertise enables us to avoid the formation of undesirable substances, such as free amino acids, Maillard reaction products, or other hydrophilic compounds that are known to affect taste and odor;

  • Our Quality Control laboratory has a Full Sensory panel, similar to those used in the flavorings industry. The panel is used to characterize Peptan and to ensure that our commercial products meet customer expectations. This produces a neutral and recognized evaluation method for organoleptic properties.

ProTake™, our clean label protein enrichment and reformulation ingredient for food and beverages, also comes with excellent organoleptic properties – as well as ease of formulation and unrivalled nutritional value.