An exciting range of application possibilities

Rousselot Health & Nutrition’s collagen-based solutions offer you an exciting range of application possibilities.

Peptan for a wide range of applications

  • Nutritional bars & biscuits
    In bars and biscuits, Peptan improves bar texture and stability during shelf-life, does not add any bitterness, allows for high protein content and sugar reduction, and is easy to handle during operations.

  • Beverages
    In healthy, functional beverages, Peptan is easy to handle during operations, offers excellent solubility and neutrality – even at high concentrations – does not add any bitterness, allows for high protein content, offers excellent consistency as well as high stability during thermal treatment (UHT, pasteurization), and remains stable in solution, allowing for a long shelf-life.

  • Confectionery
    In functional confectionery, Peptan is easy to handle and consistent during operations and treatment, can be fully integrated in all kinds of confectionery processes, remains transparent in standard gummy recipes, does not add any bitterness, allows for a high protein content and sugar reduction, offers a new (shorter) texture compared to standard gummies, and adds a creamy texture to marshmallows.

  • Dairy
    In value-added dairy products, Peptan is easy to handle during operations, compatible with all process steps (fermentation, acidification, thermal UHT treatment, pasteurization), does not add any bitterness, and is consistent during treatment.

  • Powder drinks
    In healthy powder drinks, Peptan is easy to handle during formulation, while offering consistency in powder specifications, excellent flowing properties, and excellent solubility in cold water.

  • Tablets and capsules
    In different tablet formats and capsules, Peptan is easy to handle during operations, fully adaptable to tableting processes (direct compression and wet granulation), can be used directly as dry powder at high dosage (99.5%), is suitable as an excipient, can help mask bad taste, offers consistency in powder specification, and allows for sugar-free tablets.

Peptan IIm: excellent tableting and capsule filling performance

Peptan IIm, our hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix joint health solution, is optimized to ensure the best possible tableting and capsule filling performance. Its excellent compressibility and flow properties mean that you can count on worry-free production of high-quality tablets, capsules and other applications.

  • Compressed tablets 
    Effective at a low daily dosage, Peptan IIm can be easily tableted for providing joint health benefits. Tablets with Peptan IIm have a smooth, white appearance and the right hardness and disintegration behavior, making them a very popular format for dietary supplements.

  • Capsules 
    Peptan IIm offers high flowability in hard capsules. Capsules with Peptan IIm are ideal for consumers seeking a joint health supplement that is both effective and convenient.

  • Functional gummies: tasty cartilage protectors
    Compatible with other joint health nutrients, Peptan IIm contributes to delicious functional gummies for promoting healthy cartilage.

  • Liquid shots for comfortable joints on the go
    Joint health is as important for healthy agers as for sportspeople. Peptan IIm’s unique combination of solubility and low dosage allows you to formulate it in small dosage shots or liquid gels. This offers consumers the flexibility to carry their daily shot of Peptan IIm anywhere, anytime.


  • Bars
    As a source of protein, ProTake is the perfect ingredient for binding the different dry components and achieving a perfect, soft texture with a great mouthfeel. It is particularly suitable for protein enriched bars for sports people.

  • Powder blends
    As Protake is compatible with most other ingredients, it can easily be used in powder blends such as instant cold soluble drinks.

  • Specific protein-enriched foods for the elderly
    When used as a bulking agent, ProTake helps to achieve high protein levels in a variety of foods. Easy to digest and coming with neutral organoleptic characteristics, it can be easily integrated in many applications, e.g. dairy products, cereal bars, meat replacements, soups, ready-to-eat products...
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