International food regulations

Peptan products comply with most international food regulations, including European Regulations (EC) N° 853/2004 and N° 2073/2005 on food hygiene and the American Food Chemical Codex (FCC). Our products are also available with Halal or Kosher certification.

Regulatory considerations for label claims

Regulatory bodies around the world differ in the regulatory frameworks they apply to claims on products marketed as promoting bone and joint health, skin health, specific nutritional benefits, and healthy aging in general. In developing label claims for a food, beverage or nutraceutical product, we advise you to seek local legal guidance in order to ensure the compliance of your product with the appropriate regulatory body in your state or country. 

Labeling requirements

Peptan products are natural, with excellent digestibility and no additives or preservatives. They are clean label food ingredients without E number. Peptan® is usually labeled as “Collagen Peptides” or "Hydrolyzed collagen". In the European Union and in the USA, collagen peptides manufactured from fish must be labeled as ‘Fish Collagen Peptides’ or ‘Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen’.

Link here for more information or advice on compliance, certification and labeling requirements