Peptan collagen peptides, suitable for different delivery forms

With recognized health benefits supported by scientific studies and the widest range of origins and options, Peptan is the premier bioactive protein. Neutral in taste and providing multiple functional benefits, it is an ideal ingredient to include in a wide range of end products including powder blends, tablets, nutritional bars, drinks, dairy, confectionery, and more.


Peptan is suitable for nutraceutical supplements and can easily be used directly as a dry compressible powder for tableting.

  • Specially designed for the tableting process
  • Excellent powder flowability and blending capacity
  • Outstanding compression properties as excipient
  • Neutral sensory profile
  • Highly compressible, up to 98% of total tablet

Powder blends

Peptan powder is a dust-free powder. Whether you use it as a sole ingredient or in a blend, its great behavior will allow for a wide variety of packaging solutions, from small several-gram sticks and sachets to tins, bags and drums.

  • Easy to handle during formulation
  • Consistency in powder specifications
  • Excellent flowing properties
  • Excellent solubility in cold water
  • Allows to create quality powder drinks with consumer appeal and convenience

Nutritional bars

Bars are a great illustration of the versatility of Peptan. Most of our market bars are made with a protein blend in order to take advantage of all sources of proteins. 

  • Easy to use
  • High water-holding capacity prevents drying out and improves shelf-stability
  • Balanced texture improvement
  • Excellent organoleptic profile: Peptan® helps to offset the bitterness of other proteins


Peptan is a perfect bioactive ingredient and value adder for water-like and protein drinks. Peptan-based powder blends will easily dissolve in most drinks, from water and juices to coffee, tea or even soup.

  • Easy to handle during operations
  • Excellent solubility & neutrality even at high concentration
  • No bitterness, allows high protein content
  • High stability during thermal treatment (UHT, pasteurization,...)
  • Stable in solution allowing long shelf life
  • Consistency


Peptan is the perfect bioactive ingredient for dairies and is highly suitable for creating collagen-enriched milk-based drinks, acid dairy drinks and ice creams. 

  • Easy to handle during operations
  • Compatible with all process steps: fermentation, acidification, thermal UHT treatment, pasteurization...)
  • No bitterness
  • Consistency


Neutral in taste and providing multiple functional benefits, it is an ideal ingredient for formulating functional confectionery.

  • Dust free powder
  • Instant solubility and easy dispersal
  • Low viscosity
  • Neutral taste and odor
  • Stable in a wide range of pH (3 to 7)
  • Heat stable
  • Compatible with other active ingredients (vitamins, minerals...)