Designing protein enriched products with Protake

ProTake can be used in different kinds of applications to increase their protein content. It is particularly suitable for bars, powder blends and protein-enriched food.

  • ProTake in Bars
    • As a source of protein, ProTake is the perfect ingredient for binding the different dry components and achieving a perfect, soft texture with a great mouthfeel. It can also help reduce the carbohydrate content of your product.
  • ProTake in Powder Blends
    • As ProTake is compatible with most other ingredients, it can easily be used in powder blends, such as instant cold soluble drinks.

Designer healthier products enriched with ProTake

Rousselot Application Laboratories have developed several recipes using ProTake. Our experts can help you in your reformulation projects.

Fruit Pulp Gummies (Fruity Delight)

• With Rousselot® 100-150PS & ProTake
• 12% less sugar than in traditional gummies
• Increased protein content

Fruit pulp has been used as the sole source of flavor and color. Key to this development is the use of both Rousselot gelatin and ProTake to obtain typical texture. Developed with blueberry, cherry and mango, Fruity Delight contains 5% ProTake. 306 Kcal/100g.

Low Fat Panna Cotta

• With Rousselot® 200 PS & ProTake
• Low fat & High protein

Developed with Rousselot® 200 PS & ProTake. The gelatin acts as a stabilizer and provides the Panna Cotta with a smooth texture. ProTake is added to mimic fat. 127 Kcal/100g.