Reach a higher total protein content with ProTake

ProTake is a hydrolyzed collagen of porcine or bovine origin, containing 90% protein. With ProTake you can reach a higher total protein content than with any other single-source protein, while it also offers easy formulation and excellent organoleptic properties.

  • A high-quality protein source perfect for protein enrichment in protein blends
  • Uniquely contains 18 different amino acids, including eight of the nine amino acids that are essential for the human body
  • A food ingredient (no e-number), is not subject to specific authorization and safety evaluation regulations, and can be incorporated in clean Label products
  • Easy to integrate, with high solubility and neutral organoleptic properties
  • Ideal ingredient to reduce sugar and fat content in functional foods and beverages

A wide range of possible applications  

  • Sports foods and beverages, such as bars or powder blends
  •  Weight management
  • Specific protein-enriched foods for the elderly 
  • Health-focused everyday platforms, such as dairy products, cereal bars, meat replacements, soups, or ready-to-eat products