Impacting consumers’ health & fitness and your business

At Rousselot Health & Nutrition, we offer a potent, versatile and growing range of ingredients of natural origin. Together, our collagen-based solutions offer a large number of active, science-backed effects on consumers health and beauty  – and can also boost your business in today’s exciting health and nutrition market.

  • Healthy aging
    In virtually every country of the world, the population is aging, while health and wellness expectations are rising. The opportunities for manufacturers of food and dietary concepts are immense. Peptan collagen peptides are the natural choice for manufacturers looking to boost the nutritional profile of their products and develop solutions with proven health benefits to improve the quality of life of the aging consumers.

  • Joint & bone health
    Enjoying active lifestyles and wishing to maintain mobility into their senior years, more and more consumers are becoming aware of joint and bone health starting from an early age. Sports people in particular often feel the strain on their joints and with aging populations growing worldwide, an opportunity exists for dietary supplement manufacturers to tap into this market and offer products that appeal to current consumer demand.

  • Skin beauty
    Beautiful skin on the outside needs a healthy foundation on the inside. A growing body of research has shown how certain nutrients, and in particular collagen peptides, can significantly improve skin. Also referred to as ‘Beauty from Within’ solutions, nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements which support the skin from the inside. 

  • Sports nutrition
    Nutrition plays a key role as athletes’ prepare to reach optimum performance levels and the essential role of collagen peptides is also well known to recreational athletes and active consumers. With increasing number of scientific studies, collagen peptides are proven to offer benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance, protecting connective tissues, supporting healthy joint maintenance and helping to reduce the risk of injury. 



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