Tapping into growing worldwide awareness of joint and bone health

Enjoying active lifestyles and wishing to maintain mobility at all ages, more and more consumers are becoming aware of joint and bone health starting from an early age. Sports people and recreational sports lovers of all ages can feel the strain on their joints. All of these consumers present a growing opportunity for dietary supplement manufacturers.


Collagen and collagen peptides sales are growing 

Glucosamine and chondroitin have been traditionally known on the market as active ingredients for joint health. However, there is a growing demand for second-generation ingredients, led by collagen peptides.. 

The body’s own building blocks for cartilage 

The efficacy of collagen peptides in supporting joint health is supported by an extensive body of scientific studies. Safe and of natural origin, collagen peptides are the body’s own building blocks for cartilage, and an ideal ingredient to target not only on older consumers but also those who frequently engage in repetitive sports such as running or cycling. Peptan collagen peptides are increasingly used as the key active ingredient in successful joint health product formulations.


The efficacy of Peptan collagen peptides for improving joint function and reducing discomfort is backed by scientific studies including in vitro, in vivo and clinical trials. Peptan IIm, our hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, is also a powerful promoter of healthy joints.

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Bones are living tissues that undergo constant remodeling, a process which ensures healthy bone mass density and helps us avoid fractures throughout our lives. Collagen provides the organic framework in bones on which minerals are deposited and also contribute to bone flexibility and strength. When taken as a supplement, collagen peptides can support healthy and strong bones, as shown in multiple in vitro, in vivo and clinical trials. 

A recent published study also demonstrated Peptan’s efficacy in supporting bone health by simultaneously targeting bone formation and bone resorption. As calcium and vitamin D, proteins are important nutrients to support healthy bones. A pure protein, collagen is essential for improving bone health and it can also be easily combined with other ingredients such as calcium and/or vitamin D to offer optimal bone health benefits.

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