Exciting opportunities for contributing to healthy aging

In virtually every country of the world, the population is aging, while health and wellness expectations are rising. The opportunities for manufacturers of food and dietary concepts are immense. Our collagen-based solutions, are the natural choice for manufacturers looking to boost the nutritional profile of their products, and to hold out proven health benefits that can improve the quality of life of aging consumers.

An appealing nutritional solution for mobility

Today’s active agers look for functional foods that taste great, and are convenient and easy to consume. We embrace this demand: the exceptional organoleptic and functional properties of our health & nutrition solutions make them ideal for integrating in senior diets.

Health benefits demonstrated in scientific studies

Peptan, the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, is one of the most extensively researched collagen peptides on the market. Its efficacy in promoting mobility is supported by an impressive body of scientific evidence. A wide range of studies has demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy joints and strong bones. Collagen peptides also support lean muscle mass and strength. Peptan IIm, our hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, is also a powerful promoter of healthy joints.


One Peptan, multiple benefits

Uniquely, Peptan supports all the connective tissues. 

Find out more about the science behind for

Joint health

Bone health

Skin beauty

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