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Agenda is being adjusted and will be updated in the following days

Day 1 - 24 September 2020

Inspiration & Innovation in Biomedical markets, by Rousselot Biomedical

1:30 pm - Welcome/registration is open

2:00 pm Opening  
Jos Vervoort,  Managing Director Rousselot

Tanja Vervust, Global Director Rousselot Biomedical

The future is now: How biomedical science is advancing and shaping the need for specific collagen solutions. 
Dr. Elke De Clerck - Global Research and Development Director, Rousselot

Quality-by-Design, 3D printing & bioreactors, novel tools to develop advanced therapies Jan Schrooten, Co-Founder & CEO, Antleron 

Creating gelatin based Bioinks.
Jakub Lewicky, Customer Success Engineer, Allevi 

Characterization of Biogels with Elastosens
Cyril Van Robais, VP Europe Rheolution

The use of gelatin and collagen in regenerative medicine applications
Dr. Jeff Daelman, Business Development Manager Innovations, Rousselot Biomedical

X-Pure science  
Dr. Barbara Vanhoecke, Innovation Manager Rousselot Biomedical
with the participation of Charlotte Grootaert, University of Ghent and Jan Schrooten, Co-Founder & CEO, Antleron

Discussion, Question session

Sandor Noordermeer, Vice President Global Marketing & Sales, Rousselot

6:00 pm Networking time, cocktails, entertainment, fun and dinner

10:00 pm Closing

Day 2 - 25th September 2020

Inspiration & Innovation in Health & Nutrition markets, by Rousselot Health & Nutrition

8:00 Welcome/registration is open

8:30 Opening  
Jos Vervoort, Managing Director Rousselot

Lisette van Lith, Global Director Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Collagen Peptides, a trend that has come to stay
Florencia Moreno Torres, Market Analyst Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Novel applications of collagen peptides in sports performance
Dr. Tom Clifford, Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition, Loughborough University (UK)

Innovation in sports and nutrition: getting ready for the Olympics
Dr. Jeroen Wouters, Innovation and Nutrition program expert at High Performance Centre Papendal.

Innovative delivery forms for nutraceuticals
Claude Capdepon, Application Laboratory Manager, Rousselot EMEA-SEA-Japan

Recent trends developments and advances in personalized nutrition -
Influence of social media on health trends 

Dr. Mariëtte Abrahams, Founder and CEO of Qina

Peptan science
Dr. Janne Prawitt, Scientific Director Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Panel discussion 

Introduction by Eva Carneiro, Consultant Sports Physician, The Sports Medical Group

Joining our panel are: Dr. Tom Clifford, Dr. Jeroen Wouters, Dr. Mariëtte Abrahams, Lisette van Lith, Dr. Janne Prawitt

Sandor Noordermeer, Vice President Global Marketing & Sales, Rousselot

1:15 pm Lunch

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