We propose two similar sessions per day in order to give anyone from Asia, Europe or from the Americas the opportunity to attend.

Day 1 - 24 September 2020 - Biomedical applications

Inspiration & Innovation in Biomedical markets, by Rousselot Biomedical

Session 1
9:15am – 11:15am CEST  (Bruxelles)
Aimed at Europe and Asia

Session 2
4:15pm – 6:15pm CEST  (Bruxelles)
Aimed at Europe and Americas

We welcome you at 9:15am or 4:15pm!

Live plenary session starting at 9:25am or 4:25pm

  • Introduction
    Ir. Tanja Vervust, Global Director, Rousselot Biomedical
  • The future is now: How biomedical science is advancing and shaping the need for specific collagen solutions
    Dr. Elke De Clerck - Global Research and Development Director, Rousselot 
  • The use of gelatin and collagen in regenerative medicine applications
    Dr. Jeff Daelman - Business Development Manager Biomedical, Rousselot

Parallel session #1

  • GelMA: Bridging the gap between gelatin and collagen
    Dr. Bjorn Vergauwen, Scientific Director Product & Process Development, Rousselot
  • Characterization of Biogels with Elastosens equipment from Rheolution
    Ir. Cyril Van Robais, VP Europe Rheolution 

Parallel session #2

  • Quality-by-Design, 3D printing & bioreactors, novel tools to develop advanced therapies Jan Schrooten, Co-Founder & CEO, Antleron  
  • The Age of Allevi Applications: gelatin in bioprinting
    Dr. Jakub Lewicki, Customer Success Engineer, Allevi

Live plenary session and conclusion

Day 2 - 25th September 2020 - Health & Nutrition applications

Inspiration & Innovation in Health & Nutrition markets, by Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Session 1
9:15am – 11:15am CEST (Bruxelles)               
Aimed at Europe and Asia

Session 2
3:15pm – 5:15pm CEST (Bruxelles) 
Aimed at Europe and Americas

We welcome you at 9:15am or 3:15pm!

Live plenary session starting at 9:25am or 3:25pm

  • Introduction.
    Ir. Lisette van Lith, Global Director Rousselot Health & Nutrition
  • Collagen Peptides, a trend that has come to stay
    Florencia Moreno Torres, Market Analyst Rousselot Health & Nutrition
  • Novel applications of collagen peptides in sports and exercise performance
    Dr. Tom Clifford, Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition, Loughborough University (UK) & Janne Prawitt, Scientific Director Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Parallel session

  • Recent trends developments and advances in personalized nutrition - Influence of social media on health trends
    Dr. Mariëtte Abrahams, Founder and CEO of Qina
  • Innovation in sports and nutrition: getting ready for the Olympics
    Dr. Jeroen Wouters, Innovation and Nutrition program expert at High Performance Centre Papendal, The Netherlands.

Live plenary session and conclusion

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