Speakers Bio Day 2 - 25th September

Please note that this speaker list is still provisional and may change slightly as all details get confirmed. 

MSc. Lisette van Lith

Global Director  
Rousselot Health & Nutrition 

Lisette van Lith, has a Master degree of Science in Chemical Engineering & Management. Over the years Lisette gained experience as a Strategic Business Development Manager and Market Development Manager – EMEA at companies as Corbion Purac and Eastman Chemical Company. 

Florencia Moreno Torres

Market Analyst  
Rousselot Health & Nutrition 

Florencia holds a MSc. Health Food Innovation Management from Maastricht University. She used to be an independent consultant in the food nutrition area and worked at Innova Market Insights as a Market Analyst and Insights & Innovation Manager. On April 1st, Florencia Moreno Torres joined Rousselot Health & Nutrition as Market analyst. 

Dr. Tom Clifford

Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition 
Loughborough University (UK) 

Dr. Tom Clifford holds a BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science, an MSc in Sports Performance, and a PhD in Exercise and Health Nutrition. He is a Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition a Loughborough University, where he researches the influence of nutrition and dietary components on health and exercise performance, with a particular focus on exercise recovery. Tom is also a British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences Accredited Practitioner and Registered Sports and Exercise Nutritionist who has consulted for elite Rugby, rowing and soccer teams.  

Dr. Janne Prawitt

Scientific Director 
Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Dr. Janne Prawitt is a nutritional scientist by education and received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Hamburg (Germany) in 2006. She then moved to France to pursue fundamental, biomedical research at the Institut Pasteur de Lille in the field of nutrition-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. In 2013, Janne joined Rousselot R&D in Gent, Belgium, where she is globally responsible for the Science portfolio that supports the products of the collagen range (Peptan®, PeptanIIm). Her work focuses on extending the scientific evidence for collagen in musculoskeletal health and skin beauty & physiology, and to build scientific ground for the development of new health applications and new products for the global market. 

Dr. Mariëtte Abrahams

Founder and CEO

Dr. Mariëtte Abrahams MBA is nutrition business consultant and founder of Qina, a boutique consultancy that provides nutrition expertise, nutrition data-science, content creation and innovation services. Her goal is to close the gap between industry, technology, academia and practitioners. She is a regular speaker, panellist, and moderator on the topic of personalized nutrition, wellbeing and data ethics at national, international and corporate events. Her mission is to challenge, to inspire and connect.

Dr. Jeroen A. Wouters

Innovation Manager Sports and  Nutrition
Dutch Olympic Training Center Papendal, The Netherlands

Dr. Jeroen Wouters, PhD, is Innovation Manager Sports and Nutrition at the Dutch Olympic Training Centre Papendal, The Netherlands since 2012. In this role Jeroen coordinates, stimulates and facilitates research and innovation in the field of sports and nutrition. As a part of the activities he is director of Eat2Move, the hub for innovation in sports and nutrition and next to this Director International at the food innovation cluster FoodvalleyNL Jeroen is a food technologist by training and obtained his PhD in food microbiology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In 2002, and has (co-) authored over 40 scientific publications.