5 Feb

Rousselot®, the world leader in gelatines and collagen peptides, will be inviting visitors to view its exciting and extended range of healthy ingredients at Vitafoods South America in São Paulo. Focusing on its high quality collagen peptides, Peptan®, Rousselot will in particular highlight Peptan F, these fish origin collagen peptides are manufactured in France and broadly recognized for their skin beauty benefits. Also on show will be Rousselot’s array of gelatines, offering manufacturers easy ways to reformulate products in line with consumers’ current quest to eat more healthily.

Discover the science

Visitors to Vitafoods South America will be able to attend a seminar hosted by Fernando Bluguermann, technical support & applications manager for Rousselot South America on 24 March at 14:00hrs in the Seminar Theatre. The session will cover the science behind Peptan collagen peptides and outline the latest research into its diverse health and beauty benefits.

Looking after joints

Peptan has proven efficacy in promoting improved joint health, an increasingly high priority for ageing, active populations. Adding to a large body of scientific evidence, a recent placebo controlled clinical trial found an 8g daily dose of Peptan significantly lowered joint pain and improved joint function1. With clean label status and boasting neutral organoleptic properties, this bioactive protein can be easily integrated into many applications, such as powder blends and yoghurts. The requirement for such products comes as a result of consumers leading more active lifestyles and choosing foods and drinks that support healthy living. This had led to a broadening of the sports nutrition sector, which now appeals to far more consumers than just experienced athletes.

Getting under the skin of Peptan

For visitors formulating beauty products, scientific research into Peptan’s beauty benefits will be of interest. A study conducted in France, for instance, demonstrated its ability to decrease skin collagen fragmentation leading to a more youthful appearance2. Peptan F is proven to be very effective in nutricosmetic applications. An example of innovative end-product beverages concepts beverages, will be available for visitors to taste, as well as sticks of Peptan F powder that dissolve to form convenient drinks, both with an attractive beauty positioning. The benefits of Peptan can also be reaped in tablet form, creating an easy to take supplement for the beauty, health and nutrition market.

Making the Healthy Choice

Also on show will be Rousselot’s range of gelatines, which enable customers to reformulate healthier products, reducing fat and sugar levels without compromising taste or texture.

1 Jiang JX. et al., 2014, Collagen peptides improve knee osteoarthritis in elderly women. Agro Food Ind Hi Tech 25 (2): 19-23

2 Clinical study, COSderma, France, 2012 Visualisation and assessment versus placebo of the effect in vivo of the oral intake of hydrolysed collagen on skin properties.