18 Feb

Rousselot®, the world leader in gelatine and collagen peptides1, will showcase the holistic role Peptan® and ProTake-P™ can play in nurturing an aging population at this year's Fabex Healthcare Expo. With the number of Japanese people aged 65 and over expected to reach 35.6 million in 20182, applications in senior nutrition will be the focus.

Older and wiser

Japan has the oldest population in the world, with locomotive disorders forming 23% of all reasons for requiring nursing care3. This burgeoning population of senior citizens creates huge opportunities for manufacturers to tap into the elderly nutrition market. Rousselot will be on hand at Fabex 2015 to offer its expertise in creating nutritious foods and drinks that promote healthy aging. Experts on the stand will address the issues facing the older generation and recommend ways to adapt, in particular, prepared meals for use in care home diets as well as the wider elderly nutrition market.

Collagen peptides - added advantages

A well-known ingredient popular in Japan for its skin anti-aging benefits, Peptan also promotes positive physical health of the locomotive system. Bioactive and easily digestible, Peptan collagen peptides present a simple way for consumers to improve their bone health and joint function to retain their mobility and independence. A recent clinical study confirmed that a daily 8g intake of Peptan led to improved joint flexibility and a significant decrease in joint pain4. As a natural source of pure protein, Peptan collagen peptides are also effective in supporting muscle mass in the elderly.

Boosting the protein content of foods

In addition to the range of collagen peptides, visitors to the stand can also discover the ProTake-P, a highly pure source of protein. Boasting a 90% protein content, this clean label ingredient allows manufacturers to develop protein-enriched health foods that not only address the sports nutrition market but tackle the issue of protein deficiency in the elderly. ProTake-P offers a solution for an aging population to easily obtain an adequate intake of protein. With emulsifying, binding and stabilizing properties, ProTake-P is also easily integrated into various applications, such as soups, desserts and powder blends to form soluble drinks.

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