Rousselot Gelatins make manufacturers and consumers happy

Indulgence, clear label, protein enrichment are some of the main trends observed today in the food industry. But creating appealing products that meet all these trends is not an easy task for the formulators.

Rousselot Gelatin is the perfect solution to face all these challenges. It helps create an endless range of textures and looks, while answering the major trends in the food industry. It is the ideal ingredient to make both manufacturers and consumers happy.

Rousselot gelatins create enjoyment

Gelatin can help create enjoyable moments of indulgence. Whether it’s the search for the best bite, the optimal taste or a great look, Rousselot gelatin is the perfect solution to achieve the perfect taste, texture and bring maximum enjoyment to the consumers!

Rousselot gelatins answer customers preferences

Gelatin is a food ingredient from a natural origin without e-number. It is easily recognized by the consumer and a perfect ingredient to achieve clear labelling.

A highly purified protein, gelatin and hydrolysed gelatin can help to overcome the technical challenges of formulating with proteins. Neutral in taste and odor, they are easy to integrate in many applications.

Rousselot Gelatins are easy in use and supported by Rousselot worldwide expertise

Widely used in the production of food, gelatin offers manufacturers across all categories an unrivalled set of functionalities. Rousselot’s range of products includes gelatin, hydrolyzed gelatin, a as well as gelatin solutions facilitating innovation.  We produce more kinds of gelatin than any other producer in the world. Whatever your application, we have developed the expertise to select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities to serve your purposes.

As a versatile ingredient, gelatin offers numerous important functionalities making it highly efficient and easy in use.

  • Excellent organoleptic properties; its neutral flavor and odor make it versatile in many application
  • Good solubility even at high concentration
  • Compatible with other ingredients for easy formulation
  • Can replace several mono functional ingredients in one application
  • Offers rapid processing and a fast setting to optimize productivity

Rousselot’s gelatins and hydrolyzed gelatins are safe.

Carbohydrate and fat-free, Rousselot’s hydrolyzed gelatin can also be mixed with other proteins in order to achieve a "high in protein" product positioning. It is a perfect ingredient for the nutrition market.

Which products contain gelatin

Gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin are widely used in the production of foods, from confectionery or dairy products to desserts, meat and aspics. A clear label ingredient, gelatin offers manufacturers in all food segments a unique and unrivalled set of functionalities and advantages.

The experts at our Application Centers are eager to help you innovate or improve your processes with gelatin. For more information, go to Services & Support

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