The lightest, tastiest marshmallows

Rousselot Gelatin is the perfect ingredient for light, tasty marshmallows. Its foaming, stabilizing and gelling functionalities make it an excellent solution for this segment.


  • Soft, light, foamy texture
  • Perfect flavor release
  • Excellent stability 

Limitless innovation opportunities

With gelatin, there are many fun opportunities for marshmallow innovation. 

  • Acid flavors, such as lemon, grapefruit or cola (Link to Synergy systems/AcidoGel) 
  • New flavors, such as mint (Synergy systems/NeutralGel)
  • Low-sugar marshmallows
  • Savory marshmallows, for instance, peanut, cheese or paprika [link to Synergy systems/Neutralgel]
  • New textures, such as coated marshmallows, or ‘Mar-Shell-ows’

The experts at our Application Centers are eager to help you innovate or improve your processes with gelatin or to provide you with recipes. For more information, go to Services & Support