Chewable, tasty toffees and chew candies

Rousselot Gelatin is the perfect ingredient for making toffees chewable and providing them a long-lasting taste. Its foaming, stabilizing texturizing and emulsifying functionalities make it an excellent solution for this segment.



  • With gelatin, you can achieve the chewability and texture you want, from soft to hard and from very chewy to less chewy
  • Perfect flavor release
  • Gelatin improves fat dispersion and stabilization, and helps you control crystallization 
  • Gelatin will help you to stabilize the shape of your product



Limitless innovation opportunities

With gelatin, there are many fun opportunities for toffee and chew candy innovation, such as clean label products. 

The experts at our Application Centers are eager to help you innovate or improve your processes with gelatin or to provide you with recipes. For more information, go to Services & Support