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Functional Gummy for Skin Beauty (deposited in non-starch molds)

With Rousselot® SiMoGel™ LB

Rousselot SiMoGel is a powerful solution to produce state-of-the-art jelly articles on starchless confectionery equipment (silicone, metal or blister). Creating unrivalled hygienic conditions, SiMoGel facilitates the production of functional gummies and perfectly answers the need of nutraceutical confectionery producers.
This functional gummy carries a high dose of vitamin C for your skin beauty. The 80mg Reference Intake is covered with 2.5 g of gummies.




  • Dissolve (a) Rousselot SiMoGel LB in hot water (80-90°C).
  • Dissolve (c) sodium ascorbate in water at room temperature.
  • Boil (b) to 128°C. Cool down to 100°C and add the gelatin solution (a).
  • Add (c) and (d).
  • Deposit immediately in oiled molds or blisters. The TSS should be +/- 79-80°Brix and the temperature 60-80°C.
  • Leave the molds at ambient temperature (12-20°C) under ventilation for a few minutes (8-30 min).
  • After removal from the molds, the articles are sugar sanded or oiled.





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