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With Rousselot® 60-125 PS

The Tof’Gums are the first gummies with a toffee flavor. This new type of gummies created by Rousselot meets consumer demand for new flavors. It is easier to taste than a classic toffee as it melts in the mouth. It has 20% less fat than a butter toffee and contains no artificial flavor and color.


  • Solubilize (a) the gelatin in hot water at 60-80°C
  • Boil (b) sugar, glucose syrup, sweet concentrated milk, hydrogenated oil, up to 126°C under stirring.
  • Cool down (b) to 110°C, add (c) butter and salt, and (a) gelatin solution.
  • Homogenize the mass at a high speed until a homogenous brown smooth solution is obtained.
  • Deposit in molding starch and store 24h at 20°C
  • De-starch and oil the gummies.
  • Final moisture content: 16%

Contains allergens: milk




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