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Mint Crispy Snack with Rousselot® 125 H and ProTake-BH™

So fresh! So crispy! These sweet snacks are completely fat and sugar-free and they will blow up your taste buds. Thanks to its powerful foaming, stabilizing and binding functionalities, ProTake-BH helps to develop and stabilize polyols crystals in those crunchy products.




  • Dissolve (a) Rousselot 125 H and ProTake-BH in hot water (80°C).
  • Cook (b) water and xylitol up to 110°C. Cool down to 100°C and add the gelatin solution (a).
  • Cool down to 50-60°C and transfer in a planetary beater bowl.
  • Beat for few minutes at maximum speed.
  • Add (c) xylitol, color and flavor.
  • Continue beating till a density of 0.25 is obtained.
  • Deposit the mass in drops on a silicon sheet. Dry in a ventilated oven at 55°C for 4-5 hours.
  • Final moisture content: 2.5 %.

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Formulation complies with EU regulations. Always consult the local  requirements regarding labelling outside EU.
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