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Temperature Resistant Gummy

With Rousselot® ResistaGel-P

ResistaGel-P is part of Rousselot Synergy Systems range

For several years, through its expertise and the outstanding properties of its products, Rousselot has been the indisputable partner in all the area of the confectionery industry. Rousselot ResistaGel-P is a specific Synergy System developed to produce heat resistant gummies with a similar transparency and a texture close to standard gelatin gummies.



  • Dissolve Rousselot ResistaGel-P in hot water (close to boiling).
  • Boil (b) to 123°C. Cool down to 100°C and add the ResistaGel-P solution (a).
  • Add the flavor and color (d) then finally the citric acid (c).
  • Deposit immediately in cold and dry starch. The TSS should be +/- 77-78°Brix and the temperature 70-85°C, pH : 3.2 to 3.45.
  • Leave the starch trays at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • After removal from the molding starch, the articles are sugar sanded or oiled.
  • Final moisture content: 18%





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