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With Rousselot® 200 PS

Rousselot 200 PS gelatin brings to gummies their specific texture, even in the presence of natural colors, flavors and intense sweeteners like Stevia extract.


  • Dissolve (a) Rousselot gelatin and Stevial in hot water (80-90°C).
  • Cook (b) polydextrose, xylitol and water to 112°C. Cool down to 100°C and add (a) the gelatin solution.
  • Add (c) citric acid, (d) flavor and color to (b) and homogenize the mass gently.
  • Deposit immediately the confectionery mass at a TSS of +/-77-78°Brix and a temperature of 70-80°C in cold and dry starch.
  • Let the starch trays at room temperature (20°C) for 24h.
  • Oil the gummies after removal from molding starch.
  • Store at 20-25°C. 
  • Final moisture content: 20%


Formulation complies with EU regulations. Always consult the local  requirements regarding labelling outside EU.
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