High Protein Chocolate Treats

With Rousselot® Protake

With its high protein content, this delicious treat will please all chocolate lovers. In this recipe, ProTake is used as protein source, representing no less than 30% proteins of the total content (2.4g per bite of 8g) with no compromise on taste. It is a very nice way to get the necessary protein intake for senior’s diet for example.



  • Melt (a) the chocolate at 42°C and let it cool down to 32°C while stirring
  • Melt (b) the cocoa butter and hazelnut paste together in the water bath at 80°C
  • Blend (c) ProTake and icing sugar and sieve
  • Disperse (c) the powder blend in (b) the melted cocoa butter and hazelnut paste with a whisk
  • Add (a) the melted chocolate and mix well until a homogeneous mass is obtained
  • Add (d) flavor
  • Divide the mass in silicon molds with a plastic bag (8g per mold)
  • Let it cool down and harden in a cold chamber (4-7°C)
  • Store the chocolate bites at max 20°C after demolding

           Contains hazelnut

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