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With Rousselot® 100 PS

The Mar’shell’ows are grained deposited marshmallows offering all the smoothness of the marshmallows into a tender crystallized crust. Thanks to this firm coating, the new Mar’shell’ows can achieve longer shelf-life than traditional deposited marshmallows.


    • Dissolve (a) gelatin in hot water and keep it at 80°C in a water bath.
    • Boil (b) to 116° C (add dextrose to decrease graining speed).
    • Cool down to 100°C and add (a) gelatin solution and (c) flavor and color. NB: Add acid depending on the chosen flavor.
    • Beat the preparation to reach about 0.75 of density.
    • Deposit in molding starch and wait 1-2 hours before drying in a stove at 35-40°C during 24-48 hours.
    • Remove from starch and coat with starch+ icing sugar (50/50).
    • Store at 20°C.
    • Final moisture content: 14 %.

       NB: the longer the products stay in the stove, the more grained they will be.




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