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High protein oat cookie with Rousselot® ProTake™

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Get a high protein intake to power your day! At breakfast or during your working day, this highly healthy snack will give you the strength to face any challenge.
Also high in fibers and with low amounts of salt and saturated fats.
ProTake is available in both porcine and bovine versions.


  • Mix (a) the almond paste, sugar and honey
  • Blend (b) the powders and the raisins
  • Mix (a) the paste with (b) the powder blend
  • Add (c) water to the blend while mixing till a homogeneous dough is obtained
  • Make dumplings of 5 g and press them flat in rectangular silicon molds
  • Bake for 5 minutes at 160°C
  • Let cookies cool down
  • Store in a closed box at room temperature
  • Final moisture content: 11%


Contains gluten, amonds.




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