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Tapping into the ‘moderation and restriction’ trend

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of their eating habits. This has to do with ageing, media coverage of health and dietary issues and real problems associated with obesity. The resulting ‘moderation and restriction’ trend in food and drink consumption presents food and beverage manufacturers with exciting opportunities.  As consumers demand healthier products, producers face the challenge of creating healthier foods with reduced calorific value and fat and sugar content, while retaining – or even improving – the original flavor and mouthfeel.

Protein enrichment, reformulation and health benefits

Gelatin is increasingly recognized as the answer to better-for-you foods with a great flavor. Whether you are looking for better-for-you solutions or other nutrition concepts, we can provide you with the right natural ingredients for protein enrichment, reformulation or scientifically proven health benefits – as well as a complete array of services to help you in all your projects.

Harnessing the versatility of gelatin

At Rousselot, we are experts in bringing the many functions and properties of gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin to their full potential in food and beverage concepts. 

  • Reduce fat and sugar content in foods, while maintaining taste, texture and shelf-life
  • Protein enrichment for healthier products

Designing good-for-you foods with Peptan

Another great opportunity we’re eager to share with food and beverage manufacturers is Peptan, our collagen peptides brand. Collagen peptides – and Peptan in particular – are recognized for their effectiveness in supporting skin appearance and muscle strength as well as helping maintain bone and joint health. A bioactive ingredient with proven anti-aging benefits, Peptan offers exciting value addition opportunities in food and drink.

For more information on the potential of Peptan for your business, visit our Peptan website

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