Less sugar and fat, fewer calories, better taste and texture

Creating formulations that contain less sugar, fat and calories, while offering consumers great flavors and the same or better texture and shelf-life is challenging. Gelatin, and especially hydrolyzed gelatin, is the perfect ingredient for overcoming this challenge and designing heathier and/or enriched products. 

Water binding, texturizing, gelling and emulsifying

Rousselot Gelatin is an excellent help in reducing the sugar and fat content of your products. More and more food and beverage manufacturers are harnessing its rich potential to improve their products. Rousselot Gelatin is particularly appreciated by users for its water binding, texturizing, gelling and emulsifying properties.

Bringing together indulgence and health

Our gelatins offer many benefits for all kinds of applications.

Dairy applications

Gelatin gives texture to low- or reduced-fat products, enhancing their mouthfeel. Using gelatin means you can substitute fats with a less calorific, functional protein that can bind 5 to 10 times its own weight in water. On top of that, the viscosity of gelatin below melting point gives a smooth consistency and a fat-like mouthfeel to products in which you use it.


With unrivalled gelling properties, gelatin is the ideal ingredient for reformulating healthier confectionery, while providing a texture similar to that of traditional products.    

Gummies, toffees and chew candy

With gelatin, you can restore the texture lost by replacing sugar with sweeteners in sugar-free gummies. You can also cut calories, fat and carbohydrate content, for example, in toffee-flavored gummies that appeal to lovers of chewy and jelly confectionery alike. You can also use gelatin to add protein enrichment to your gummy-style confectionery, thus bringing indulgence and health together.

Reaching further together

Gelatin offers many opportunities for innovation and at Rousselot, we are committed to supporting you in creating exciting and successful new products using this versatile, natural ingredient. 

  • Fruity Delight™ Pulp Gummies contain 9% less added sugar/glucose syrup than standard jelly confectionery (up to 4% of the sugar has been replaced with fruit). 
  • Sugar-free gummies: Rousselot Gelatin gives these gummies their specific texture even in the presence of natural colors, flavors and intense sweeteners, like Stevia.
  • Rousselot® AperoMallows™ are a low-energy-density savory snack developed with our synergy system NeutralGel.  Their texture is similar to that of marshmallows. 
  • Tof’Gums™: these gummies, the first with a toffee flavor, meet consumer demand for new flavors and have 20 % less fat than a butter toffee, while also offering you the option of clean labeling.

The experts at our Application Centers are eager to help you innovate or improve your processes with gelatin or to provide you with recipes. For more information, go to Services & Support