All good delivery forms start with Rousselot® gelatin

The effectiveness of nutra-, pharmaceutical and medical supplements is closely related to the form in which these supplements are delivered. Gelatin has proven its worth as a natural, safe and highly versatile excipient for most delivery forms in use today. With Rousselot gelatin you can count on best-in-class dosage forms:

  • Hard capsules: Rousselot's gelatin offers a high quality excipient for your hard capsules. Its optimum melting properties allow for fast, effective release of APIs in the body. 
  • Soft capsules: Due to its unique functional capabilities and full compliance with the human body, gelatin is the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules, commonly known as soft gels.  
  • Functional gummies: for confectionery producers in search of a highly hygienic and efficient manufacturing process, we have developed a new, gelatin-based solution for the production of jelly articles without starch depositing: SiMoGel.  
  • Tablets: Rousselot’s world-class gelatins and hydrolyzed gelatins in tablet applications act as a natural binding and disintegration agent as well as offering an effective tablet coating.

Our purified gelatins gelatins come with the world’s lowest endotoxin levels, making them the safest available biomaterial for in-body medical applications, such as parenteral formulations, including vaccines

Gelatins with tailored functionalities and benefits

For each of these delivery forms, we offer gelatins designed to bring out the benefits you and your end consumers are looking for. For example:

  • Natural origin, clean labelling
  • Consumer convenience
  • Optimized manufacturing (for example, starchless gummy production)
  • Stability in soft gels
  • Unrivalled purity for in-body medical applications

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