A clear, healthy ingredient designed by nature

The world has been using gelatin for thousands of years. As the global leader in gelatin, we clearly see why. Gelatin is a clear, healthy and completely safe ingredient designed by nature. Extracted from collagen, a natural animal protein that supports body strength and mobility, our gelatins are tailored to guarantee consistent quality. This makes them the perfect excipient for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

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Rousselot gelatin's main benefits

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  • design by nature

Designed by nature and facilitating more sustainable processes, neutral in flavor and odor.
A pure protein.

  • trusted delivery systems

Trusted delivery system.
Strong legacy from past to the future.

Clear label, safe, non-allergenic, free of e-numbers.

  • optimal API

Optimal API performance.
Highly efficient and easy to use.

        Safe choice.

Versatile and multi-functional

Rousselot world-class Gelatin is used in many different pharmaceutical products, from everyday concepts to more sensitive, specialized applications. One of the main reasons is its high versatility and multi-functionality, which make it highly efficient and easy to use.

  • Film forming
  • Gelling
  • Thermo-reversibility
  • Melting at body temperature
  • Totally digestible
  • Fully compatible with human tissue,
  • Good solubility, even at high concentrations
  • Compatible with other excipients for easy preparation
  • Offers rapid processing and fast setting to optimize productivity
  • functionalities

Good for your sustainability performance

Using gelatin in your pharmaceutical products can improve your sustainability performance.
Our gelatins:

  • Set at ambient temperature, offering energy saving advantages
  • Help reduce waste, as gelatin systems can be reworked
  • Are a biodegradable, environment-friendly ingredient 

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