Rousselot Gelatins for Tablets

World-class gelatins and in-depth development expertise

Tablets are a much used dosage form for pharma- and nutraceutical products. Using the right gelatins offers numerous processing and consumer advantages. Rousselot can help you maximize those advantages with world-class gelling and non gelling gelatins for tablets, combined with technical expertise and experience in co-developing solutions with customers.

Processing advantages of our gelatins

Suitable for both wet granulation and direct compression as tablet binders and fair disintegrants, thanks to several key features:

  • Flexibility of use (wettability and cold solubility for non-gelling gelatin)
  • Appropriate binding power (adhesive and cohesive properties depending on gel strength selected)
  • Excellent powder flowability and compression properties

User advantages of gelatin tablets

  • Non gelling gelatin allowing fast disintegration, thus ensuring good drug availability
  • Gelatin offers an effective tablet coating, making the tablet easy to swallow 

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