Rousselot celebrates 125 years of worldwide expertise

Throughout 2017, Rousselot will continue to celebrate 125 years of worldwide expertise  a celebration that began the year before.

Founded in 1891, Rousselot has become the world’s largest producer of gelatin and collagen peptides. Over the years, our company has built a strong reputation based on meaningful knowledge and in-depth expertise, guided by changing global needs.

By working closely with our customers all around the globe, we’ve developed high-performance pharmaceutical solutions that have made a world of difference. We believe that is truly worth celebrating.



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Barcelona, Spain October 4th, 2016

World-class gelatin for every pharmaceutical application

Rousselot is the worldwide leader in pharmaceutical gelatins. Because of its unique properties, gelatin has been used for years in various pharmaceutical products, from the more popular oral forms – such as hard capsules, soft gels, and tablets, – to more specialized pharma applications, for instance as a plasma substitute, in vaccines and in regenerative medicine products. 

Consistent characteristics for operational effectiveness in your processes

Rousselot manufactures gelatins of outstanding inter-batch consistency. Our gelatins will meet all your expectations in terms of process performance and end-product quality.

Optimal API release and bioavailability

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer you gelatins that protect your API with an optimal stability, while ensuring maximum bioavailability. We strive to continuously improve our knowledge in these areas to always offer you the best solution.

Uninterrupted support throughout the entire process

Our truly global presence enables us to supply world-class gelatins that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Thanks to our network of facilities around the world, we can supply you with the right solution, whenever and wherever you need it. And our local experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have.

Watch our videos to find out what our pharmaceutical customers say about Rousselot. 

Consistent supplies

Thanks to our global reach, you can always be sure of world-class gelatin, delivered on-spec, on time and in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. We have the ability to provide your business continuously with the ingredients, the volumes and the quality you need.

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