Gelatin, the perfect pharma excipient

Today’s pharma and nutraceutical markets face many different challenges. In our experience, developing excipients that offer the perfect combination of consumer and business-related functionalities is a key success factor. Enter gelatin, the perfect pharma excipient. 

Demographic and consumer trends fueling demand for pharma solutions

  • Population aging
  • A huge increase in health awareness
  • Growing preference for clear labelling 

Manufacturing musts

  • New product development
  • Continuous process and performance improvement
  • High machinability and cost-efficiency
  • Full tracking and tracing of raw materials

Perfect and safe ingredient, perfect partner

Gelatin is a highly versatile ingredient of natural origin, and the excipient of choice for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. And Rousselot is your perfect partner in facing the challenges of today’s industry. As a global leader in pharmaceutical gelatins with over 100 years of experience, we understand your needs and wants and are in a prime position to drive your business forward. 

Gelatin is used in various pharmaceutical products

  • Hard capsules: Rousselot's gelatin offers a high quality excipient for your hard capsules. Its optimum melting properties allow a fast and effective release of the APIs in the body.
  • Soft capsules: due to its unique functional capabilities and full compliance with the human body, gelatin is the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules, commonly known as soft gels.
  • Tablets: Rousselot’s world-class gelatins and hydrolyzed gelatins in tablet applications acts as a natural binding and disintegration agent as well as offering an effective tablet coating.
  • Specialty pharma: the body has a high acceptance for gelatin as it is naturally present in human tissue in the form of collagen and can be fully metabolized. So many pharmaceutical gelatin applications exist and new ones are emerging.

Consistent supplies

Thanks to our global reach, you can always be sure of world-class gelatin, delivered on-spec, on time and in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. We have the ability to provide your business continuously with the ingredients, the volumes and the quality you need.

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