Rousselot World-Class Gelatin for Hard Capsules

Highly efficient and easy in use

Rousselot gelatin is a natural, high-performance solution for hard capsules of any size or shape. Our gelatins will help you overcome pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges, facilitating the production of liquid capsules, capsules in capsules and pellet capsules. 

At Rousselot we design our gelatins to meet the requirements of the latest high-speed machinery. 

Some application benefits

  • Perfectly matches the needs of the end consumer: designed by nature, non-allergen, clean label, neutral in taste and easy to swallow.

  • Rousselot Gelatin protects active ingredients against harmful influences, such as light or oxygen.

  • The resilience of the gelatin shell prevents brittleness and loss of shape.

  • Our high-quality excipient offers optimal melting properties; with gelatin hard capsules, the release speed of active medical agents can even be controled.