Rousselot World-Class Gelatins for Soft Capsules

A safe and natural excipient, Rousselot Gelatin offers unlimited innovation options in the soft capsules market – whether in chewable capsules or nutraceuticals.

Application benefits

  • Perfectly matches the needs of the end consumer: designed by nature, non-allergen, clean label, neutral in taste and easy to swallow.
  • Strong processing advantages and optimal API delivery
  • Rousselot Gelatin protects active ingredients against harmful influences, such as light or oxygen. 
  • With Rousselot's range of pharmaceutical gelatins for soft gelatin capsules, you can adjust encapsulation conditions to the encapsulated formula and active compounds.

Rousselot gelatins support your challenges

Producing the perfect soft gel

The manufacture of high quality gelatin-based soft gels that fulfill end use requirements and consumer demands as well as stringent industry regulations is a complex challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers. In order to choose the correct gelatin for optimal formulation, while ensuring production efficiency and effective API delivery, you need in-depth understanding of the soft gel market and the capsule production process. Rousselot can provide the support you will need to succeed in these and other areas.

Download our whitepaper – This whitepaper outlines the key considerations in ensuring that gelatin is enhanced for soft gel formulation, efficient gel production and optimal API delivery. It also covers the potential challenges that Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) may face if the right gelatin is not selected. A discussion of our research is also included, with a special emphasis on the impact of factors such as ingredient compatibility, molecular weight and gelatin bloom on the quality and stability of soft gel capsules.