Rousselot World-Class Gelatins for Tablets

In tablet applications, Rousselot’s world-class gelatins and hydrolyzed gelatins acts as a natural binding and disintegration agent as well as offering an effective tablet coating.

Strong processing advantages

Rousselot Gelatins and hydrolyzed gelatins are suitable for both wet granulation and direct compression as tablet binders and fair disintegrants, thanks to their key features:

  • Flexibility of use (wettability and cold solubility)
  • Appropriate binding power (adhesive and cohesive properties)
  • Excellent powder followability and compression properties

Rousselot gelatins support your challenges

Application benefits

  • Gelatin tablets allow for fast disintegration, thus ensuring good drug availability
  • Tablets can also be coated with gelatin. This coating ensures that patients can swallow the caplets easily.