Gelatin in pharma applications

Excipients, plasma substitutes and more

Because of its natural origin and unique properties, gelatin has been used in many different pharmaceutical products for thousands of years. In addition to the many existing applications, exciting new applications are still being found today. In all of these segments, gelatin provides the perfect answer to today’s growing demand for clear label products. 

Popular oral dosage forms

  • Hard and soft capsules
  • Tablets

Specialty pharma applications

  • As a plasma substitute
  • In vaccines

Global leader and your co-developer

Aside from being the world’s leading gelatin brand, Rousselot is also a pioneer in (co-) developing new gelatins for high end applications = with partners in the global pharma- an nutraceutical markets.

Today's preferred dosage form: capsules

Most consumers nowadays prefer to take pharma and nutraceutical products in capsule form. Gelatin is the main excipient used in manufacturing both hard and soft capsules. The gelatin capsule shell protects the active pharmaceutical ingredient, or API, against light and oxygen. Gelatin capsules are thus easy both to store and to use.

  • Capsules are a trusted delivery system
  • 20,000 capsules are taken every second worldwide

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