Rousselot gelatin, a powerful excipient

Rousselot World-Class Gelatins for Pharma Applications

Rousselot Gelatin, a powerful natural excipient

Gelatin is a fully digestible, natural protein extracted from collagen found in the skin, bones and connective tissues of animals. Its availability, versatility and unique functional capabilities – including film forming, thermo-reversibility and rapid absorption – contribute to its extensive use in many pharmaceutical applications.

A natural ingredient, Rousselot Gelatin helps manufacturers to answer growing consumers demand for clean-label products.

A safe ingredient

Our safe, non-allergenic and fully compatible gelatins have been developed to meet the most stringent parameters. They are produced in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and practices, including IPEC, HACCP and GMP. 

Fully compatible for in-body use

The human body has a high acceptance of gelatin, as it is naturally present in our bodies in the form of collagen and as it can be fully metabolized.

Rousselot Gelatin is a natural, high-performance solution for hard capsules of any size or shape.

In tablet applications, Rousselot Gelatin acts as a natural binding and disintegration agent as well as offering an effective tablet coating. 

Due to its unique functional capabilities and easy acceptance by the human body, gelatin is the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules, commonly known as soft gels. 

Other pharmaceutical applications include plasma volume replacers, colostomy bags and other biomaterials.